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Moveable Yacht Cradles

Are you looking to transport both boat and cradle around the yard? If so, this strong, robust design will suit your requirements.   Our design also carries a Proof Load Certifcate (on main beam) as part of our ongoing commitment to safety and suitability of product. 

Storing yachts with masts is NOT recommended by UYC Ltd, and is done at customer's own risk.

In conjunction with this type of cradle, we offer the added option of Boat Mover.

Although primarily designed around UYC’s own Boat Mover, this particular cradle can also be used in conjunction with the majority of standard 3-point-lift boat movers.

UYC Moveable Yacht CradleClick the picture for a larger version.

Manufactured of steel box section to recognised British standards and fully galvanised to BS 1461, The Movable Yacht Cradle is available in four standard sizes. As with all our products we are happy to customise designs for individuals’ specific requirements.

We have now increased the stock range and offer the following as standard sizes.

6 Tonne Cradle


Capacity:               6,000 kg

Length:                  3.60 metres

Width:                   2.75 metres

Max. Yacht Length: 10.0 metres

Max. Yacht Draft:    2.20 metres


9 Tonne Cradle


Capacity:               9,000 kg

Length:                  4.20 metres

Width:                   2.75 metres

Max. Yacht Length: 13.0 metres

Max. Yacht Draft:    2.20 metres



12 Tonne Cradle



Capacity:                12,000 kg

Length:                   4.70 metres

Width:                    2.95 metres

Max. Yacht Length: 14.50 metres

Max. Yacht Draft:    2.20 metres


16 Tonne Cradle


Capacity:               16,000 kg        

Length:                   5.70 metres

Width:                    3.50 metres

Max. Yacht Length: 16.50 metres

Max. Yacht Draft:    2.50 metres

20 Tonne Cradle



Capacity:               20,000 kg

Length:                  5.70 metres

Width:                   3.50 metres

Max. Yacht Length:17.25 metres

Max. Yacht Draft:   2.50 metres


Full instructions on assembly and useage of cradles are supplied on delivery.